Neo4j: The World’s Leading Graph Database

Businesses are struggling to cope with the explosion of data, growing at 40% per year (McKinsey Global Institute). The business need to leverage complex and connected data is driving the adoption of scalable, high performance NOSQL databases to expand and enhance their data management strategies.

But not all NOSQL databases are created equally. Neo Technology delivers Neo4j, a high performance, scalable graph database that is transactional, durable, and can scale to handle complex, ever-changing data. A graph database is ideal for any application that relies on the relationships between records, such as:

Master Data Management

Glance at the diagrams of densely interconnected business entities in your master data, and you’ll be staring at graphs. By capturing those complex inter-relationships directly in a graph database, you can easily get answers that would otherwise elude you.

Network Data Management

While “the cloud” is a promising new way to utilize compute resources, adding more layers to be managed presents a significant challenge. Managing the towering hierarchies of applications, services, switches, servers, and power requires a focus on how things are connected. A graph database helps perform what-if analysis, and can respond in realtime to a changing topology of network entities.

Social Networks

Also known as the “social graph,” this is a natural application for a graph database. Every user wants their own view on the world, resulting in extremely localized queries of the data. With a graph database, local queries are always efficient, no matter how many users are added to the entire set.

Recommendation Engine

Users assume that your application is smart, that it adapts to what they do and anticipates what they want before they know it themselves. With a graph, it will be. Consider popular trends, weighted by friend tendencies, accounting for current location and a special promo that you’re running – graph algorithms will take your application to a new level of personalization that your users will think is magical.