Principal uses of Neo4j include social, recommendations, bioinformatics, fraud detection, network management, authorization and access control, content management, and parcel routing, with new ones being added regularly.

Industries using Neo4j:

  • Telecommunications
  • Finance
  • Life Sciences
  • High Tech
  • Media & Publishing
  • Education
  • Gaming
  • and more!


Network and Data Center Management

Graph techniques are used for operating and analyzing electronic networks. Network management applications built by Neo4j customers include network failure and degradation analysis, quality of service mapping, OSS network inventory mapping, and network asset management. Download now »

Master Data Management

Neo4j Use Case Master Data ManagementNeo4j is an ideal antidote to some of the greatest technical problems faced in MDM implementations, allowing iterative data model development (largely not possible with relational solutions), and a simple way of working with inherently complex data that significantly reduces project complexity. Download now »


Graphs are the ideal representation of a social network, which comprise people, and relationships between people.  Common queries with social networks—for example friends of friends—are notorious for bogging down performance in relational databases. Download now »


Neo4j Use Case GeoWhat sparked the invention of graph theory in 1736 by Leonhard Euler was a geographic routing problem. It is no surprise that Neo4j is well suited for business applications involving geography, routing, and optimization. Download now »

Fraud Detection

Neo4j Use Case FraudNeo4j is allowing organizations to develop the next generation of fraud detection systems, that are based on connected intelligence. This provides an enhanced degree of insight, compared to fraud detection algorithms that use basic statistical analysis and pattern recognition. Download now »

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