A few months after launching our beta, we are proud to announce that we are releasing the first version of Linkurious. We hope it will help you manage and explore your graph data easily. It reflects the feedback we received from our beta users and first customers, the graph community and our vision of democratizing graph data. You can get a copy here.

Linkurious helps Neo4j users explore their data to find valuable insights

The complex connections within graph data are hard to understand and communicate. Linkurious offers a solution to make it easy to explore and interact with graph data. In minutes it gives you the possibility to search and visualize the data stored in a Neo4j database. Now you can quickly find the answer to questions like “who is this person connected to?” or “is there something abnormal in the pattern of this transaction?”. Whether you need to find answers, understand relationships, track errors or  look for patterns, Linkurious is the easiest way to explore your graph data.

For those for are not using Neo4j, we strongly encourage you to check it out : it’s a great way to store and access graph data. It has an open-source edition that you can install in a matter of minutes.

Here is how Linkurious can help you leverage your graph data :

  • a simple search experience : with a search bar and the possibility to explore  connections by simply clicking, it is very easy to dive right into the data;
  • for the more complicated searches, you can use Cypher;
  • you can add, update and remove nodes or relationships;
  • filter out the noise : the search results show you the part of the graph that is relevant to you, in addition you can filter the data to focus on what’s important

You can try all this via our online demo. We believe our technology will make it easy for everyone to extract insights from graph databases”. To learn more about this you can attend a webinar called “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon: How to use Linkurious to explore and visualize graphs” next week. It will show how, just like the small world of Hollywood movies, the graph data you store is a mine of information waiting to be used.

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