Zenika helps its customers evaluating and using Neo4J as well as other NoSQL technologies from initial proof of concepts to ensuring production best practices.

Zenika is one of the leading providers of professional Open Source services in Europe. We provide consulting, development, training and support for the world’s leading Open Source software products, with a strong focus on Java and Java EE.

Zenika employs highly-skilled IT professionals, a large number of those being either Open Source committers, book authors, or just bright and passionate people, dealing on a day-to-day basis with real-world challenges.

Zenika has strategic partnerships on Spring, Tomcat, RabbitMQ and vFabric technologies with SpringSource, a division of VMware, on Eclipse BIRT with Actuate, on MongoDB with 10gen, on Jenkins with CloudBees and on the Varnish Cache with Varnish Software and Neo4J with Neo Technology.

As a member of the AMQP Technical Committee and the OASIS international standards consortium, Zenika also stands out as an active promoter of open standards and protocols.

Zenika has also been from the start supportive of local and national IT user groups through sponsorships and speaker engagements at the Java User Groups, BIRT User Groups, the Spring User Group, etc. Zenika demonstrates its strong and innovative community-driven spirit by organizing conferences, like the annual Eclipse Day Paris and the What’s Next, the first international Java conference ever organized in France.