Andrew Oliver gives us a great demo of a database for Granny’s Addressbook that uses Neo4j!


My kids’ paternal grandmother — I call her “Mom” — has a problem that is not solved by her killer app, Granny’s Addressbook. Frequently, she asks me what gift to get the kids for the all-too-frequent stream of birthdays, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Arbor Day, and whatever holidays. Frequently, I inform her that the children are already spoiled and I’ve gotten them anything they need and if not, there is a good reason that I don’t want them to have it. Those reasons vary from “it’s flammable” to “it’s a weapon if you hold it right” to “it makes annoying noises that I don’t want to hear” to the more common “I don’t feel like figuring out how to assemble it and by the time it gets assembled the pieces will have been lost.”

In other words, Grandma has a data problem. If she were to map out what all of the kids’ friends or other children close to their age got for their birthday, she could easily figure out what to buy them without asking me.

As you recall, Grannny’s Addressbook is a sample app I’ve used to demonstrate various technologies. It is essentially a one-table CRUD app that stores addresses in a database. It has no search or security and it doesn’t really need to scale. The GUI looks like this:

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