In order to start and succeed in the big data business, you’ll need to know theses 5 tips

Big data is hot as hell, but it’s also difficult as hell. The acquisition of Infochimps by CSC got me thinking about some other big data companies that have already either closed up shop or sold themselves because that series B round just wasn’t materializing. Drawn to Scale, Ravel Data and Nodeable are just top of mind, although I’m sure there are more that never even made it onto my radar.

Instead of bemoaning their fates, though, I thought I’d distill the lessons I’ve learned watching big data startups succeed and fail and offer them as guidelines for the next batch of entrepreneurs who want to try their hands. There’s a lot of explanation below, but here’s the long story, very short: Choose your battles wisely, choose your audience wisely and build a community around your technology. Big data doesn’t need another cheerleader.

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