An opportunity to provide clients with the full scope of whiteboard-to-production capabilities in Big Data

Prime Dimensions’ vision and technical expertise in working with domain experts complements Neo Technology’s technology leadership by offering an innovative, user-centric approach to help organizations analyze, understand and quickly act upon data in new ways. Neo Technology’s Neo4j–a robust and proven NoSQL database technology with native graph support, is used in mission-critical systems worldwide. With tens of thousands of successful deployments, Neo4j is also the largest partner and developer ecosystem among graph database vendors. Its key features are: order-of-magnitude improvements in query performance for complex, connected data; accelerated application development cycles; maintainability and extensibility of the data model; and the relative maturity of the community and product.
Richard Rowan, Prime Dimensions’ Managing Director commented, “The digital age is producing data that is large, complex and difficult to analyze quickly. Increasingly, our clients are expected to deliver mission-critical insights in near real-time. Through our partnership, we can deliver a range of professional services and analytic applications, from proofs-of-concept, to rollout and production.”

Emil Eifrem, Neo Technology CEO and Founder remarked, “Our partners are a key component to achieving our goal of driving massive adoption of graph databases. Neo4j’s unique approach to solving the complex, connected data challenges has been proven across thousands of installations, and with our graph of partners we’re extending this experience to new markets and opportunities. We are excited to be partnering with Prime Dimensions.”

About Prime Dimensions, LLC
Prime Dimensions provides consulting services in data management, business intelligence and advanced analytics, with a focus on the operational aspects of Big Data. To help clients transform their data into actionable insights, we create inter-disciplinary, integrated teams of specialists to guide, build and deploy solutions that transform the organization through advanced data analytics and visualizations. We help clients establish strategies for extracting, consuming and sharing information from large, multi-structured datasets, and work closely with them to ensure cost-effective implementations. For more information, please contact us at info(at)primedimensions(dot)com or 703-861-9897, visit us at, and follow us on Twitter at @PrimeDimensions.