OpenCredotailors our work to meet the unique requirements and context of each client and our skills and commitment ensures that our client’s objectives are achieved with minimum risk and maximum cost benefit.Collaborating closely as part of your team, we assist you to turn the rules that define your business into superb business applications, offering:

  • Pragmatic advice
  • Hands-on development assistance
  • Training on the preferred mix of technologies

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Latest Partner News

  • Labels and Schema Indexes in Neo4j
    Neo4j recently introduced the concept of labels and their sidekick, schema indexes. Labels are a way of attaching one or more simple types to nodes (and relationships), while schema indexes allow to automatically index labelled nodes by one or more of their properties. Those indexes are then implicitly used by Cypher as secondary indexes and […]
  • Model Matters: Graphs, Neo4j and the Future
    OpenCredo, consulting partner in the Neo4j Partner Graph, discusses their experiences with using graph databases, Neo4j, and the potential of graph-based applications. As part of our work, we often help our customers choose the right datastore for a project. There are usually a number of considerations involved in that process, such as performance, scalability, the […]