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451 Research

No NoSQL: Neo’s GraphConnect shows graph databases coming into their own

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 1.29.04 PMSome time ago, we predicted that the term ‘NoSQL’ would be used more sparingly by the various non-relational database vendors it applies to, because they would begin to focus more on the strengths of their individual products. We must admit this shift has taken longer than we anticipated. Neo Technology’s recent GraphConnect event in London provided some real evidence of it beginning to happen, however. Download 451 Research White Paper »

The Bloor Group

The Rise of Graph Databases

bloorgroup_report-125x160Nowhere is the case for NoSQL more solid than with graph databases like from Neo Technology. With graph queries you tend to want to navigate your way through a network of connections. Many, if not all of which, might be exactly the same kind of entity, such as a person, as illustrated in the graph, which shows a simple data network of customer information. Download Bloor Group White Paper »

Neo4j Scales for the Web and the Enterprise

Whether serving up online recommendations to millions of web users, managing master data hierarchies, or routing millions of packages per day in real time, Neo4j is built to perform at scale. Neo4j’s native graph architecture combines blazing-fast connected queries with near-linear read scalability, combining high-availability clustering with robust transactional guarantees. Read more »



Social Recommendations with Neo4j

Neo4j has allowed us to integrate personalized user experiences— based on our users social relationships— into both product and marketing.

Craig Follett, CEO, Uniiverse

Complexity Made Manageable

Neo4j has made a difficult solution
more manageable.

IT Architect, Global 500 Insurance Company

Horizontal Scaling in Neo4j

The ability to have flexible schema and horizontal scalability is
key to our success with Neo4j.

IT Director, Global 500 Professional Services Company

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