See whats new in the Neo4j 2.0 Milestone 4 release!

Perfectly suited for your summer holiday exploration, we are proud to present the Neo4j 2.0 Milestone 4 release (2.0.0-M04). In working towards a major 2.0 release with some outstanding new functionality, this milestone contains many beneficial and necessary changes, some of which will require changes in the way Neo4j is used (see: deprecations).

New Requirement: Java 7
Starting with this milestone Neo4j 2.0 requires Java 7 to run. This is because Java 6 reached public end of life in February 2013 and is no longer supported by Oracle. As such Java 6 will substantially decrease in popularity as a production choice and so it’s time for Neo4j to follow that movement. Starting Neo4j with Java 6 will cause errors during startup.

Mandatory Transactions
Previously it was considered good practice to wrap read operations inside a transaction. The 2.0.0-M04 release makes this recommendation mandatory. Any attempt to execute operations on the database outside of a transaction will now throw a NotInTransactionException. Enforcing this idiom allows Neo4j to reclaim resources much more efficiently leading to a database that will handle much more load. Cypher and the REST-API open their own transactions, so this will only affect users of the embedded Java-API.

Our query language Cypher got its fair share of changes too, both in syntax and behavior. We’ve learned a lot about how Cypher is being used. We want to use the opportunity of a new major release to get this knowledge back into the product, so that you are on firm footing in 2.0 and beyond.

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