Jake Hansson, Developer at Neo Technology, presents the new changes to Neo4j 2.0 in this recorded webinar


Neo4j 2.0: Labels, Indexes, Constraints, Browser, Heaps of New Cypher Features and More!

The 2.0 release of Neo4j makes an important change to the graph data model, the introduction of labels. Using labels, Neo4j 2.0 is able to do much more powerful indexing, enable data constraints and bring Cypher to a whole new level.

Join us in a tour of the new functionality!

Speaker: Jake Hansson, Developer, Neo Technology
Jake HanssonHaving built websites since ’95, Jacob went from running night clubs to founding his first tech startup in 2007. Seeing potential for modeling global economic networks in Neo4j, he found himself at the Neo Technology offices a few years later. Today, Jacob is project lead for the Neo4j Server.