Kay Ewbank talks about Neo Technology’s releases of their new Neo4j version 2.0


A new version of Neo4j is available and is being described by the creators as the graph database they dreamed about, providing graphs for everyone, and with a new tool for developers.

The main improvements in release 2.0 are extensions to Cypher, the graph query language, and “a tool designed to let that language flow from your fingertips”, a new browser UI enabling users to visualize and edit data in graph or tabular form.

According to the post announcing the new release on the NeoTechnology website, the UI has been redesigned to be ‘a fluid developer workbench’ that includes guides and comes with a sample mini graph app to help you get started. There’s a multiline Cypher query editor, tabular representations, and drag-and-drop support. Cypher is the graph query language used in Neo4j, and it has been extended in 2.0. You can now refer to subsets of nodes in a graph within Cypher queries, and to facilitate this, the graph mode has been extended with the concept of node labels. Labels are optional, and mark a node as belonging to a group.

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