Neo Technology has announced the availability of Neo4j 2.0, with a new graph browser, node labels, an optional schema and an improved Cypher.

The most notable improvement in Neo4j 2.0 is the new browser UI enabling users to visualize and edit data in graph or tabular form. Below is a snapshot of a demo movie database, outlining one particular actor and his relationship with some of the movies he played in (shown in gray) and other actors (shown in red):

The nodes can have labels now, and it is a way to mark nodes as belonging to a certain group. A node can have multiple labels.

In what it seems like a return to the relational databases, Neo4j 2.0 supports the addition of an optional schema. This is meant to include meta-information that improves query execution.

The Cypher query language has been improved with OPTIONAL MATCH and MERGE clauses, literal node patterns and the ability to return literal maps and collections.

We have interviewed Michael Hunger, Head of Spring Integration and Developer Advocate at Neo Technology, to find out about Neo4j 2.0 compatibility issues, the use of schema, and the roadmap ahead.

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