Neo4j 2.0.0 is released with all new capabilities and features!

We are proud to release Neo4j 2.0.0-M05 this week. The 2.0 project is now in full-speed development after summer vacation. We’re getting close to feature completeness now, and we want to get this release out to you so you can give us refined feedback for the final release.

Unique Constraints
Neo4j values the agility and development speed you get from using a schema-free database. It makes it possible and easy to start prototyping and learning. There is a huge value in this. On the other hand, it’s really nice to be able to make the graph structure more strictly constrained as a project evolves towards production (a big theme in our Neo4j 2.x roadmap). We think the new Optional schema gives you the best of both worlds. A major step in this direction is the addition of unique constraints. This release includes fully-functional unique constraints which allow you to specify that a label/property combination must be unique in a database. Adding constraints make your database safer to work with and helps you catch problems you’d otherwise have to work hard to detect manually. For example, by running this Cypher query, you’ll end up with a unique constraint on the Person label for the email property.

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