Onefinestay Experiences Improved Operations and Extreme Speed and Accuracy with Neo4j

SAN MATEO, Calif. – October 09, 2013 – Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, today announced that onefinestay, the world’s first unhotel booking service, is experiencing increased database speed, accuracy and flexibility with Neo4j.

Neo4j supports onefinestay’s wide range of complex data requirements and access paths – handling search queries such as number of floors in a home, or where linens are stored in a home. Onefinestay’s ability to book and post available homes by unique layout and features relies on the ability to handle complex data modeling queries, and do so with speed and accuracy.

onefinestay redefines the experience of travel in cities like London, Paris and New York, by letting users ‘live like a local.’ The business model seeks to emulate a real home-like experience, offering customer the opportunity live in a distinctive home while the owner is out of town. Homes on onefinestay are equivalent to (or exceed, in most cases) a 5-star hotel, and include extras like an iPhone loaded with the homeowner’s favorite eateries and a list of places to explore around town.

“The Neo4j Graph Database resonates with every vertical industry we know of. From Telco, financial services, to hospitality, to online dating and health care, it is becoming clear that it’s not just about data anymore, but knowing the relationships between data. Augmenting business decisions with knowledge of how things are connected is becoming a major differentiator for businesses across the globe. More and more companies are looking to Neo4j to make this possible,” said Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology.

One Fine Graph Database

With onefinestay’s growing menu of services and ever-expanding property listings, the company needed a better way to provide insights to its guests and operations team. onefinestay began experiencing more and more database query and standardizations issues and for this reason, started looking into other database options, including graph databases.

“We considered a number of NoSQL options, including Mongo, DynamoDB and other graph solutions, Neo4j provided the required balance of features and support we needed to unlock the power of data captured on our residential properties, ” said Jackson Hull, CTO of onefinestay. “Neo4j gives us peace of mind—it’s a solid tool with wide-ranging application, offers a stable partner to grow with, and allows us to be a part of a great user community.”

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