linkurious-239x60-trPARIS, FR – 02/09/2013 – Linkurious SAS, the graph visualization company, announced today the release of Linkurious, a solution dedicated to Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database.

Graph databases like Neo4j are the best way to store and access highly connected data

As data explodes in volume and complexity, the world is looking for new ways to store, query, and analyze “big data.” As a high performance graph database, Neo4j meets the demands of complex, highly-connected data. Telecom infrastructures, social networks or recommendation systems are some of the examples of the emerging real-world applications of graphs.

Linkurious helps Neo4j users explore their data to find valuable insights

The complex connections within graph data are hard to understand and communicate. Linkurious offers a solution to make it easy to explore and interact with graph data. A few customers have already adopted it. In minutes Linkurious gives you the possibility to search and visualize the data stored in a Neo4j database. Now you can quickly find the answer to questions like “who is this person connected to?” or “is there something abnormal in the pattern of this transaction?”.

Advanced options to manage data and run complex queries

Linkurious also packs features dedicated to Neo4j power users. It is compatible with Cypher, the Neo4j query language. You can ask complex questions that span across multiple properties like “who among of my friends went to Japan and recommended a sushi place in my neighborhood?” and visualize the result in seconds. You can add nodes or edit relationships directly within Linkurious. To learn more about this you can attend a webinar called “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon: How to use Linkurious to explore and visualize graphs” next week. It will show how, just like the small world of Hollywood movies, the graph data you store is a mine of information waiting to be used.

Get a license and start exploring your data

Linkurious is easy to install and works out of the box. Sébastien Heymann, CEO and Founder of Linkurious, says, “We believe our technology will make it easy for everyone to extract insights from graph databases.” If you buy a license before the 11th of October and become an early adopter, you’ll pay 199 euros instead of 249 euros and get 6 months worth of updates: get Linkurious now and learn about your data!

About Linkurious

Linkurious is a French startup that works on making graphs easy to search and explore. We live in a connected world where more and more data is being produced. Understanding the networks behind data is key to answer problems like fraud detection, product recommendation or infrastructure management.

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