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Junisphere Managing Business with Neo4j

Junisphere Systems is an IT solutions provider. They make sure that companies are able to manage critical business processes and IT services end-to-end.
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Industry Software & Hardware
Employees 10- 100
Headquarters Zurich, Switzerland

For Junishpere System AG, the center of their activities is to make an active contribution to ensure that their customers are more successful in their business. In today’s high automated time the operation of the critical business processes are key factors of success to differentiate themselves, in being efficient and effective and have a basic for decision, in order to influence the business proactively. With further developments and innovations, Junisphere is conducted solely by the thought, “do we offer our customers the best value” so that they can better manage their processes and influence their operating results directly. They ensure this by maintaining close contact with their customers, with universities, analysts, specialized committees and trendsetters.

Upcoming Events

Title Location Date Presenter
Max DeMarzi from Neo4j Columbus Thu Jul 24 2014 Max DeMarzi Register
GraphAware Office Hours Fri Jul 25 2014 Luanne Misquitta Register
Minneapolis Talk @ GR8Conf US 2014: Neo4j Intro Tutorial Minneapolis Mon Jul 28 2014 Stefan Armbuster Register
Minneapolis Talk @ GR8Conf US 2014: Getting Groovy with Graphs Minneapolis Mon Jul 28 2014 Stefan Armbuster Register
Minneapolis Meetup: Neo4j/Graph DB meetup presents Stefan Armbruster! Minneapolis, MN Tue Jul 29 2014 Stefan Armbuster Register
Real World Neo4j Use Cases London Wed Jul 30 2014 Tareq Abedrabbo, Matt Stephens Register
Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j Portland Thu Jul 31 2014 Huston Hedinger Register
Neo4j GraphDays: #AllYouCanGraph Palo Alto Palo Alto Fri Aug 01 2014 Register
Workshop: A graph processing atelier Potsdam Fri Aug 01 2014 Pere Urbon Register
Building a Graph Recommendation Machine Memphis Tue Aug 05 2014 Register
How to visualize dynamic networks: Introducing KeyLines 2.0 Wed Aug 06 2014 Joe Parry Register
Webinar: Datenmodellierung mit Neo4j Thu Aug 07 2014 Michael Hunger Register
Intro to Neo4j Washington DC Fri Aug 08 2014 Wes Freeman Register
TBD LA Tue Aug 12 2014 TBD Register
Intro to Neo4j Tue Aug 12 2014 Nicole White Register
Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j Toronto Sat Aug 16 2014 Duncan Brown Register
Monthly Meeting: July 2014 Amsterdam Sun Aug 17 2014 Michelle Sanver Register
Neo Sponsors: NoSQL Now! San Jose Tue Aug 19 2014 Register
How Shutl Delivers Even Faster Using Neo4j, The Graph Database San Jose Wed Aug 20 2014 Volker Pacher Register
Evaluating Your Graph Database Options San Jose Thu Aug 21 2014 Emil Eifrem Register
Avoiding Deadlocks: Lessons Learned with Zephyr Health Using Neo4j and MongoDB San Jose Thu Aug 21 2014 Mahesh Chaudhari Register
Intro to Neo4j and Use Cases Oslo Thu Aug 21 2014 Register
Playing with Neo4j ­-[:USING]­-> PHP Sankt Augustin Sat Aug 23 2014 Frank Neff Register
Building Killer Apps Tue Aug 26 2014 Kenny Bastani Register
KeyLines - Corey Lanum Arlingto Tue Aug 26 2014 Register
Intro to Neo4j San Francisco Fri Aug 29 2014 Andreas Kolleger Register
Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j Seattle Fri Aug 29 2014 Michael Kilgore Register
Intro to Neo4j Vancouver Fri Aug 29 2014 Duane Nickull Register
Intro to Neo4j Nürnberg Mon Sep 01 2014 Stefan Armbruster Register
Die wunderbare Welt der Graphen Nürnberg Tue Sep 02 2014 Stefan Armbruster Register
A Hands-On Introduction to Neo4j Oslo Tue Sep 09 2014 Jim Webber Register
Graphs R Cool Tue Sep 09 2014 Nicole White Register
REST in Practice, In Practice Oslo Wed Sep 10 2014 Ian Robinson Register
Intro to Neo4j Tel Aviv Wed Sep 10 2014 Neo Technology Register
Artistic Spring Data Neo4j 3.X with Spring Boot and Van Gogh Dallas Wed Sep 10 2014 Michael Hunger Register
A Little Graph Theory for the Busy Developer Oslo Wed Sep 10 2014 Jim Webber Register
Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j Tel Aviv Thu Sep 11 2014 Neo Technology Register
Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j San Francisco Fri Sep 12 2014 Kenny Bastani Register
Intro to Neo4j Dallas Fri Sep 12 2014 Avinash Galgale Register
Intro to Neo4j Amsterdam Wed Sep 17 2014 Ron van Weverwijk Register
Intro to Neo4j Seattle Fri Sep 19 2014 Michael Kilgore Register
Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j Washington DC Fri Sep 19 2014 Wes Freeman Register
Intro to Neo4j Minneapolis Mon Sep 22 2014 Max De Marzi Register
Intro to Neo4j Tue Sep 23 2014 Nicole White Register
Intro to Neo4j NYC Thu Sep 25 2014 Kenny Bastani Register
Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j NYC Fri Sep 26 2014 Kenny Bastani Register
Neo Sponsors: TC3 Summit Mountain View Wed Oct 01 2014 Register
Graph Databases with PHP and Neo4j Manchester Sun Oct 05 2014 Michelle Sanver Register
Intro to Neo4j's Cypher Query Language Tue Oct 07 2014 Register
GraphConnect 2014 San Francisco San Francisco Wed Oct 22 2014 Register
Personal Reflection on Neo4j's Journey from Launch at Öredev 2007 to Today - A Session at Øredev 2014 Malmo Wed Nov 05 2014 Emil Eifrem Register
Graph All The Things!! Graph Database Use Cases That Aren't Social Berlin Thu Nov 06 2014 Emil Eifrem Register
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