At Big Data Con, Jeanfrancois Arcand and Rik Van Bruggen will be showcasing some new changes to Neo4j

NoSQL is certainly driving this, and although MongoDB has risen to become the cream of the crop, other databases such as Cassandra are rapidly evolving into future contenders, more than capable of holding their own against MongoDB in terms of scaling and speed. We wanted to find out what’s next for the NoSQL mega league player, and unpick the truth from the hype, so we invited founder and CTO Dwight Merriman to sit in our hot seat this month – we hope you’ll enjoy finding out what he has to say.

It’s not only databases drawing attention lately though. Elsewhere, there’s been a growing buzz around the impend- ing launch of Spring 4. In this issue, Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long walks us through the basics, and demonstrates just why it’s become so ubiquitous.

We’ve also got an Atmosphere focused tutorial from Jeanfrancois Arcand, and Rik Van Bruggen will be introducing us to some of the revolutionary changes to Neo4j, which evolves the data model from a “property graph” to a “labeled property graph”. And for all our mobile focused readers, Matthias Wessendorf will be spotlighting Aerogear – a JBoss Community project which puts the emphasis on mobile development, providing a library and various utilities for Android, iOS and JavaScript.

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