In this issue of JAX Magazine, we find out what has happened to Java, as well as the future of Java and its future incarnations.

Java is dead. Java is the new COBOL. Java is a dead end for enterprise application development.

We’ve all seen the above statements before, announcing the death of the object-oriented language that we all know and love. But we at JAX Magazine say these obituaries are premature and that the Java naysayers aren’t looking at the bigger picture.

While Java’s not exactly dealt with the buzzword of the month well (mobile, cloud etc), it’s still a thriving hub of activity. Just take a glance at Netflix – responsible for ⅓ of America’s streaming traffic at night and releasing open source tools coded in Java. Speaking of vibrant open source projects, you may have heard of Hadoop, neo4j and Jenkins, all of which chose Java for its stability and general all-round usefulness.

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