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GraphAcademy offers innovative and flexible offerings to meet all your training needs based on role, time and price flexibility. GraphAcademy’s standard and customized training programs are designed to match your unique requirements.

Customers who have taken the training accelerate their adoption of graph databases and Neo4j helping them deploy faster and reduce their time to market.

Online Training

  • Webinars
    Spend an hour with us and learn about the diverse applications powered by Neo4j. Get graph experts tips and lessons learned to successfully implement a graph database solution. These spots go fast, so sign up fast!
  • Online Course: Getting Started with Neo4j
    Short on time? Or need to learn on your own time? Learn at your own pace with online training courses. These courses can stand on their own or as a complement to classroom training. Get started today!

Classroom Training

  • Public Classroom Training
    Walk into one of the Neo4j authorized training classes to get hands-on training delivered in a classroom setting with a master instructor. We offer classes all around the world. Check out our training calendar to find a class near you.
  • Private Onsite Training
    Training delivered at your location and customized for your company’s training needs. It is an efficient way to train your team together around your project needs, reduce downtime and save on hotel and travel expenses. Request a training class today at

GraphAcademy University Program – powering the Neo generation

The University Program offered by Neo is a complimentary educational program aimed at helping students and faculty learn and teach about graph databases and Neo4j.


Take advantage of our free resources available to you to awaken your knowledge of graph databases or deepen



GraphAcademy helps you bring cutting edge technologies and products to your classroom to help prepare students for the business world.GraphAcademy provides you with free courseware and products that you can use to teach graph databases and Neo4j to your students.

Contact us at training@neotechnology.comto learn more about the program and enroll.

GraphConnect Technical Conferences

Learn about new product releases, talk to Neo4j experts, get hands-on training when you join bleeding-edge thinkers, technology innovators and business experts when you attend one of the GraphConnect conferences held world-wide each year.

For more information on any of the training options contact us at

Course Title Location Date Presenter
Intro to Neo4j Washington DC Fri Aug 08 2014 Wes Freeman Register
Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j Toronto Sat Aug 16 2014 Duncan Brown Register
Intro to Neo4j Vancouver Fri Aug 29 2014 Duane Nickull Register
Intro to Neo4j San Francisco Fri Aug 29 2014 Andreas Kolleger Register
Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j Seattle Fri Aug 29 2014 Michael Kilgore Register
Intro to Neo4j Tel Aviv Wed Sep 10 2014 Neo Technology Register
Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j Tel Aviv Thu Sep 11 2014 Neo Technology Register
Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j San Francisco Fri Sep 12 2014 Kenny Bastani Register
Intro to Neo4j Dallas Fri Sep 12 2014 Avinash Galgale Register
Intro to Neo4j Amsterdam Wed Sep 17 2014 Ron van Weverwijk Register
Intro to Neo4j Seattle Fri Sep 19 2014 Michael Kilgore Register
Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j Washington DC Fri Sep 19 2014 Wes Freeman Register
Intro to Neo4j Minneapolis Mon Sep 22 2014 Max De Marzi Register
Intro to Neo4j NYC Thu Sep 25 2014 Kenny Bastani Register
Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j NYC Fri Sep 26 2014 Kenny Bastani Register
Intro to Neo4j Bangalore Sat Sep 27 2014 Luanne Misquitta Register
Intro to Neo4j Amsterdam Wed Nov 19 2014 Ron van Weverwijk Register
Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j Amsterdam Thu Nov 27 2014 Ron van Weverwijk Register