Glassdoor’s software now uses Neo4j to give an inside view on what its like to work at a particular company

Leading Career Community Leverages Graph Database to Provide Real-Time Job Recommendations to More Than 20 Million Members

SAN MATEO, CA–(Marketwired – Aug 5, 2013) – Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, announced that Glassdoor, an online jobs and career community and two-time Webby Award Winner for ‘Best Employment Site,’ is successfully leveraging Neo4j to provide real-time job recommendations to more than 20 million members. Neo4j’s natural affinity for connected data, and its high-availability clustering technology and cache sharding features, powers Glassdoor’s big social graph and helps the company confidently increase its community, and grow in popularity.

Glassdoor is the only career community that provides a 360-degree view of what it’s like to work in a particular company and in a given job, based on member contributions. Its steadily growing database now has more than 4 million anonymously-posted salary reports, company reviews, CEO ratings, and interview questions. The company needed a database that could effectively manage friends and friends-of-friends information, as well as the employer relationships, and determined that a graph database was the ideal choice for this connected data set. Because of its maturity and feature set, Neo4j was selected as the database of choice to work alongside its existing technology stack.

Scale, Connectedness, and Neo4j

In the first year that it launched InsideConnections, Glassdoor experienced astounding growth. Its social database rapidly grew to include more than 600 million people — more than half of the Facebook graph — and it’s still growing. Glassdoor’s Neo4j installation has steadily grown, with all of the data fitting onto a single (large) Neo4j high-availability cluster, tuned to accommodate high read and write throughputs.

Neo4j proved to be the perfect technology to enable Glassdoor’s expanded social job search technology, and the ideal choice for managing Glassdoor’s connected data. With more than 600 million people in its database, and connections between all of those individuals, Glassdoor now holds one of the world’s largest social graphs, giving its members a uniquely large reach.

Neo4j enables companies to harness the power of the Online Recommendations graph by allowing social and professional connections to be represented “as it is” through the mature and agile features of a graph database. Because Glassdoor required the ability to scale to its millions of users, Neo4j is able to offer the power and speed that can accommodate real-time user queries in tandem with the company’s growing performance demands.

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