GraphConnect SF 2013 will feature presentations of graph database applications in Graph Visualization and Security Fraud Risk from 3 companies: Brinqa, Tom Sawyer Software and Cambridge Intelligence.

Graphs to Measure and Manage Risk
Amad Fida, Brinqa
Brinqa Risk Analytics is an operational and security risk management solution that uses a graph data model as its core and Neo4j as its backend.


The Increasing Value of Graph Visual Analysis
Jin Kim, Tom Sawyer Software
Explore the role of graph visualization in complex analysis projects such as national security, public safety, communication networks, and financial fraud.

How to Make Interactive Graph Visualizations
Corey Lanum, Cambridge Intelligence
Visualizations of graph data can often be beautiful pictures, but in order to gain value out of the graph data, it’s important that the visualizations be interactive, that the users be able to explore the data set to learn the most they can. This talk will talk discuss the process of creating the graph data model in such a way to make interactive visualizations easy, and outline key pointers on how to allow useful interactions with your data.

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