Every day, more and more business, enterprises, and government organizations rely on Neo4j to power their connected data.

Benefits experienced by organizations using Neo4j Enterprise include:

  • Performance. Neo4j is built from the ground up to run connected queries fast. Queries run up to 1000 times faster using Neo4j’s native graph storage & processing engine. Its clustering architecture is designed to scale horizontally and predictably as your business grows.
  • Ease of use.  Modeling is as easy as whiteboarding, and operations that are very difficult to write and debug in SQL can be expressed in just a few lines of code.
  • Evolve with your Business. With Neo4j, evolving your database to reflect changing business requirements is a snap. This leads to faster, more agile development, and better synchronicity between business and IT. 

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telenor150x70“The Neo4j graph database gives us drastically improved performance and a simple language to query our connected data.”
Sebastian Verheughe, Architect & Developer Telenor Mobile Middleware Services


Complexity Made Manageable

Neo4j has made a difficult solution more manageable

IT Architect, Global 500 Insurance Company (Source: TechValidate CE2-A9A-18D)


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