by Eberhard Wolff, Michael Hunger, Kai Spichale, Lars George
2,99 € Ebook

NoSQL performs a variety of new technologies into the database scene. That means more responsibility for the individual to be fully informed. To this end, the first chapter of shortcuts offers a survey-like introduction that explains the different database technologies in the following. Of all the information that will be processed daily, a significant portion of the scale is not interesting, but because of the inherent links. The effective use of networked data with Neo4j is devoted to the second chapter. Horizontal scale and high throughput are the major strengths of Apache Cassandra, which is at the center of the third chapter. With its roots in the BigTable technology, HBase has developed over the years as a basis of many Google products and services. What ideas, architecture and which data model behind HBase? These questions dealt exhaustively Chapter 4 of the shortcuts.