This feature by Gary McFadden talks about Neo4j and how it is a great graph database to use

Neo Technology developed, open-sourced and now supports Neo4j, which has the largest ecosystem of any graph database, with over 500,000 downloads. Its enterprise version supports high-availability clustering, ACID requirements and delivers what Neo4j’s CEO Emil Eifrem refers to as a “run-time, real-time transaction environment” for OLTP and other mission-critical use cases. Eifrem believes the most powerful cognitive model for developing relationships between seemingly disparate data types is the whiteboard, and the Neo4j graph model mimics that whiteboard friendliness. Social networks love graph databases – as long as they are fast and easy to use. In Eifrem’s view, traditional database software is not that easy to use and the need for fast, intuitive, visually compelling applications is driving their growth. Neo4j also works well with several NoSQL DBs.

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